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This is an Alt Text of a parfait in a glass dish topped with strawberries, blueberries, and granola.


At Triple Berry Café, we want to provide high-quality culinary options to all customers. Everybody has different dietary needs and preferences, which is why our menu features a distinct healthy breakfast options section to help you find the perfect dish for your unique taste and dietary requirements. As always, every dish from our kitchen is made with the freshest ingredients and utmost care to provide you with the best dining experience. Some of our healthy breakfast choices include hot oatmeal made with steel-cut oats, with the option to enjoy it with either milk or added fresh fruit, as well as avocado toast: fresh avocado on wheat berry bread, additionally topped with bacon, eggs, feta, and red pepper to create a dish that is both filling and mindful. You can also enjoy our fresh fruit in the form of a parfait with yogurt and nutritious granola. If you’re looking for an allergy-conscious yet decadent gluten-free dish, look no further than our gluten-free Breakfast Flatbread Pizza, baked on a thin crust and topped with bacon, scrambled eggs, hollandaise sauce, and cheddar cheese. Whichever healthy option you pick and prefer, the remarkable flavor and quality of our food are sure to leave you satisfied.

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