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This is an Alt Text of two stacked donuts drizzled with white glaze frosting and topped with raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries.


With a variety of fun and exciting breakfast options and a kids’ menu made specifically for the youngest diners, Triple Berry Café is a family restaurant perfect for special family meals.  When you’re going out as a family, we understand how important it is that everyone can find something they like on the menu. Our varied menus have something for everyone, so you can avoid the stress of indecision and incompatible tastes and just focus on enjoying your time together. Have a kid who isn’t an adventurous eater? No problem! Our kids’ menu includes classic favorites such as grilled cheese, chicken strips, corn dogs, and more -- all prepared to the same high standards and with the same high-quality fresh ingredients as the rest of our dishes. Parents and older children can choose from our wider breakfast and brunch menus based on their preferences, where you’re sure to find something that you’ll enjoy. Sample dishes from breakfast, brunch, lunch, and everything in-between as you enjoy your time together as a family. Good food can play a key role in making good memories, which is why we’re happy and proud to create a family-friendly restaurant environment and the perfect place to enjoy time together. 

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