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This is an Alt Text of a stack of pancakes with drizzled sauces, powdered sugar, and chocolate chips on top.


Looking for the ideal breakfast spot? Triple Berry Café offers a wide variety of traditional and creative breakfast dishes in a modern yet family-friendly setting. We open at 7 a.m. daily to accommodate our early bird diners and stay open until the afternoon so that the night owls also get a chance to enjoy breakfast here too. 

Our menu is full of options to appeal to any taste, with delicious sides available to complete your meal. However you like your eggs, we have a meal for you: scrambled, fried, in the form of delicious omelettes and egg benedict, and more! Our menu also includes pancakes, crepes, and french toast with various toppings and combinations available, from fruit to chocolate. Just a handful of highlights from our expansive breakfast menu include our Triple Berry Waffles featuring the fresh, high-quality fruit behind our name, as well as the Millionaire Omelette, which combines carnitas, chorizo, jalapenos, and more for a delicious and flavorful combination. Every dish is prepared with an emphasis on flavor and presentation for the best possible dining experience. Pick any of our entrees for a memorable breakfast, and bring your loved ones along for a fantastic dining experience that will leave you eagerly awaiting your next visit!

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